Learn About This Detroit Wedding Photographer

Learn About this Detroit Wedding Photographer

Holy MoLee Photography originally was formed by two best friends who decided to photograph together because they both loved wedding photography. However, Ehren has now moved on to nomadically explore the west. So Chris J. Lee is the sole member of this Limited Liability Company.

The Name

The name is what puzzles everyone. Why that name? Our last names Moler and Lee merged together to form MoLee. Today it is a still retains the name despite Ehrenís departure from photography. Holy MoLee Photography seemed to be the best way to go with the business because the name stand apart. Its memorable and catchy in terms of sounding and its energetic personality that exudes from the name.

Chris J. Lee

Who is this Chris Lee? Chris Lee, a recent graduate of Michigan State University, has always been a Detroit native since his first breath. Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, Chris J. Lee has lived all his life in the suburbs of Detroit.


Rules are made to be broken. Holy MoLee Photography sees all forms of photography as a high form of art. By melding and using a delicate balance to produce a high-end almalgamation of editorial lifestyle portraits and photography inspired by fashion, Holy MoLee Photography hopes to capture beautiful moments one couple at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need for My Meeting with the Photographer?

We have expectations and so do you. Not every client is a right fit. Therefore, we will ask you a series of questions before we agree to a meeting. Equivocally, your time and our time is precious; therefore, we expect our clients to bring a calendar book or a check book for the first deposit for their first meeting. If things go well and you need more time we can always book another appointment. If things go well and you like what we have to say we expect a down payment to reserve your date.

How long does an album take to design? Do I get revisions?

Designing an album is not an easy process. With every album package, each couple receives only 1 set of revisions. It takes about 1-2 months for your album to be completed. Each album is uniquely handcrafted with a different look to communicate the style of your wedding. We have high standards of design and thus it explains the lengthy turnaround time.

How many photos do we get?

For every 6-8 hour wedding we shoot we usually have about 1,000-2,000 photos to edit. Our high standards of quality require us to take 2 months (after your wedding) to process every photo and do the correct things to make our photos look the best. In the end the client has a total of 1,000 finished images to choose from.

Why do you only meet by appointment?

We generally need to meet with the client to see if we're the right fit. Different people have different tastes and we serve to a niche of particular clients. So keep in mind we might not be the right fit.

Where can I learn more about your Bon Match Albums?

We offer Bon match albums. Information about them can be found at bonmatch.com

Additional Leather Craftsmen Albums.

We also offer leather craftsmen albums. Specifically the 3500 for the higher end packages. Leather craftsmen has by far the highest quality. In order to keept things simple we will only offer one type of album right now; Bon Match.

If upon request you require a Leather Craftsman Album we will customize and create an album that fits your needs.

What is Post Production?

Post production is the professional skilled labor involved with correction of photos: cropping, color correction, artistic manipulation, black and white conversions, dodging and burning photos.

Who is the second photographer included?

At Holy MoLee Photography LLC, Chris Lee is the primary photographer. Chris picks from his pool of respected photographers in the Detroit Area to shoot with.

We decided on a package. Whatís next?

Feel free to give us a call at 734.330.2378 to set up an appointment face to face and go over the contract. If we cannot meet together we can set up a phone appointment to discuss things too.

How can I contact you or schedule a meeting?

By phone (734.330.2378) or by email (info(at)holymoleephoto.com) is best. Also, when it comes time for a meeting please remember to bring a calendar or checkbook to the meeting so we can move forward.

How much is the deposit to save our wedding date?

We ask that every client pays our fees in halves: 1st payment at the signing of the contract, 2nd payment at a week before the wedding or up to the day the wedding starts.

What is Lustre Photography Paper?

Lustre is a type of semi-gloss paper. The paper has a beautiful texture. It is the best type of paper for your photos. For paper samples please mention them to us to bring at your meeting.

What is Pod Proofing?

We use two new iPods of your choice and load all your photos from your wedding to look over your honeymoon or where ever you go. The iPods are new and you get to keep them after the proofing process.

What affiliate program?

We offer complete packages with affiliates on other wedding vendors. If you book with us we will offer special rates on our exclusive DJ affiliate, Cake Decorators, Videographers, and a hair stylists. We are currently in the process of finding more vendors to work with.

What are Bon Match Albums ?

Bon Match Albums are beautifully made custom fine art albums for those who do not choose to get a leather album. We currently only offer a silver 10 x 10 with a cameo album. For images of one see the following: http://bonmatch.com/_images/products/112_1249.jpg