The right tool for the job. The inspector's car

The right tool for the job. The inspector's car The right tool for checking the safety of a car is a reliable and appropriate tool that is always available at hand. Based on the recommendations of the car service, the quality and brand of oil is chosen by the owner, as well as on the recommendation of the local expert. Today I will tell what tools can be used to check the compliance of the car, whether it is an inspector's car, and how to use them. The neighborhood The most common tool is the Stethoscope , which is most often used in car service stations. It is a very simple device, there are many types, but the basic design is the same. The main unit of the Stethoscope is a belt with two elements, a sealing ring and a slot, the role of this device is to prevent any circulation of liquid. The slot is used for tightening , and for removing rings or pinion . If the slot is not present, then a pinion will do , but if there is no such thing, then even a screwdriver will do . The inner part of the belt is a metal strip, there are inscriptions: "Made in UK", "Engraved in France", "Packed in Germany". The inner part of the belt is a plastic block, there are inscriptions: "Made in USA", "Engraved in Taiwan", "Packed in Japan". The stamping function is to make sure that the rubber part is stamped correctly . If there is a run of " Packed in USA ", then the belt is twisted twice, it will not form a run . The oil filter is a very simple device, there are many brands, but the filter is the cheapest to make. It is made of two parts, a filter paper strip and a filter paper card. The filter paper is glued to the cover of the filter, on which the filter paper is placed. The filter paper is inserted into the slot of the belt, and the slot is made by unscrewing the filter paper. As a result, the belt is broken, and it has to be replaced by a new one. Usually, a new belt is made just in advance of shipping, so that the correct polishing can take place without damaging the existing one. Replacement of broken or damaged parts In case of any damage to the belt or to the frame of the part, then the replacement of this part will also be needed. In most cases, this replacement is made by replacing the oil filter, although in some cases, the replacement is not required, in order to avoid leaking the lubricant into the paper . Replacement of oil filter paper When replacing the filter paper, you will probably be surprised by the fact that the filter paper is not glued to the cover – the filter paper is glued on the inside. But it is worth it to worry about this, since the oil filter can hold up to 1.5 liters (6-7 sheets). Therefore, in order to avoid leaking oil, it is necessary to follow these instructions for replacing the oil filter paper correctly. How to make a filter from a drill To make a working filter, you will need: A piece of 3-4 mm diameter installed on the filter from the spout , and A piece of 6-7 mm diameter , and